‚ÄčD's Thai Restaurant 

An Exciting Addition to Marshall!

The First Thai Restaurant in town!

D's Thai Restaurant opened on April 9th , 2016 and we want to invite you to join us for some wonderful Thai food. Following six months of remodeling, we are ready and open to provide you with a simple and tasty fresh Thai menu. "D" in the Thai language means "good" or "fine" so this gives our goal for D's Thai! 

How is your meal? Your answer "D"!

A few surprises on the menu include  D's Thai Beer, an original Thai recipe for beer and brewed especially for D's Thai right here in Marshall at the Brau Brothers Brewery (a jasmine rice lager beer) and D's Thai Iced Tea, a creamy ice tea of Thai origin.  The menu is not a long one, but some favorites with each dish including fresh Thai flavors, homemade sauces and spices.

Ordering your favorite dish is quick and easy by using a pager at the counter in the restaurant and staying to enjoy your meal, or at the drive through, placing your order and being paged when it is ready, or call in by phone by phone and pick up at the drive-through. 

Remember, our food is fresh food, not fast food! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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